Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fertility & Surgery

So the last few months have been crazy with so many doctor appointments.

A little while after my last post I got a call for an appointment with the local fertility clinic. Since then we went through all the tests to see if anything is wrong. Well as it turns out nothing is! We have what they call unexplained infertility. At the moment we are trying a fertility drug... I'm praying for a Christmas miracle.

Around the same time as all of that I had my 8th polyp surgery. Now I'm doing nasal rinses and trying to keep them from coming back anytime soon.

I updated my website which now includes a short version of Abe's & my love story.

This last CF clinic (early November) I was able to get a prescription for vitamin D 10,000 IU! My weight was still a great 117 lbs. lung function in the 80's. got blood taken for testing vitamin levels (no results yet).


Victory said...

I wish you all the best!

hsb7x said...

Just a thought... My son is 16 with CF(Xander). We have 6 kids- 3 bio and 3 adopted. I don't see them any differently. Adoption for our family has been amazing! We are adopting again- soon to have number 7! One of the reasons we first adopted was to show Xander that adopting is a great way to grow a family. Just something to think about.