Monday, May 26, 2014

In search of: Calcium, weight & better lung function

I almost missed this clinic. Last night (5 am) feeding Colby to sleep I was just thinking about random things and remembered my next cf clinic was sometime this month so I checked my phone and was like WHAT!? I have to get up in 6 hrs. :( 

Traveling with my wounded husband (broken tibia with plates, screws & clamps put in) & my almost 8 month old son we headed to CF clinic. 

I'm thankful I had 4 meals yesterday, I'm thankful I didn't use the washroom before I got weighed at clinic... 105.1 lbs!!! I was very surprised to be the same weight as last time with losing 6 lbs when I got sick over a month ago. 

First I saw the dietitian. She was happy I didn't lose weight but encouraged me to eat every 2 hrs and pack on the pounds. that's just not a realistic goal for me. Especially with all the calories I'm losing while nursing. 

Next I got results of my sputum sample from last time +4 of Staph. 

Then bad news from my bone density scan. I've lost bone density, enough to be worried about and for them to encourage extra calcium intake. I'm guessing this is because of the pregnancy. Off to find a good way to add extra calcium to my diet & supplementation. My next bone density scan is in 2 years. 

More bad news: my spirometry lung test showed my lung function to have dropped to 69% compared to the 82% last time. Very disappointing to say the least. With no signs of infection we both feel antibiotics is not the route to go... Yet. My doc encouraged more lung clearance. She did listen to my lungs which she said sounded clear. 

I got my yearly x-ray so I'm looking forward to hearing about those results. 

I'm feeling great so that makes everyone happy. I know what to work on to prevent future problems and will do my best!

Another appointment in 3 months.