Monday, April 30, 2007


After seeing a specialist yesterday, I have a date for my next Polyp surgery (this will be my 7th surgery) it's August 9th. I'm so excited! Finally a clear nose... and maybe a sense of smell?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Details of my first adult CF appoinment

First thing on my list is to go see the Physio Therapist. I arrive 20 min. early because I gave myself extra time just in case I couldn't find it. We talk about how CF has affected my lungs and he's very impressed with my physical fitness level.

Then I head to eat lunch. My Physio app. was at 11 am. and my next one is at 1:15 pm. so I have sometime to eat lunch. I didn't have any cash so my debit was the only thing I could use, and the Tim Hortons booth thingy only took cash, so I ended up eating a piece of each Pepperoni and Hawaiian Pizza.

Then I headed to the clinic and right away was sent for PFT's which went really well. Then to get an X-Ray which looked awesome! and then I saw the nurse, nutritionalist and then finally the doctor. Everything was awesome!

My next app. is set for 6 months from now. sweet eh?