Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lots of Changes - 2nd Trimester!!

14 weeks today! wahoo!!!!!! as of Monday I've only thrown up twice.

My CF clinic is 1 1/2 - 2 hrs away depending on traffic & road conditions. So is my high risk pregnancy doctor.

My first wish was to have a baby at home but midwives wouldn't touch me with a 10 foot pole. Huge disappointment there.

Second wish was to have the baby as close to home as possible. That meant getting baby doctor #2 close by. whether I get her or not depends on if she is comfortable with me & my CF and of course no complications come up.

Then there is my amazing family doctor who is also seeing me until I'm accepted by the local obstetrician.

So I was like "yay only 3 doctors" That all changed today, my high risk doc wants monthly pft's for my lungs & ultrasounds to monitor the baby's weight & health. So that adds CF clinic monthly instead of the once during the pregnancy as I was planning on.

What I am looking forward to is finding out the sex of our baby in about 4 weeks!!!!!!!

There was concerns about me having diabetes already because of my numbers but I sort of cheated on my blood glucose test... So hopefully that's what caused the high numbers! diabetes? NO THANKS!

We got to hear the little baby's heartbeat, so incredibly cool I will NEVER get sick of it. 130 bpm. So who knows maybe a boy??

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Bump Ahead!

Happy 23rd Birthday to my beloved Abe!!!

I had started Letrozole (fertility drug) in September. December was my last month. I prayed & hoped it would work but I didn't get my hopes up, Abe & I were already planning ahead. We'd wait a year - save up some money for artificial insemination. Abe would get one more summer with me in bikinis. 

Being the Christmas holidays I wasn't really paying attention to timing and when I checked my cycle beads app I realized... Hey I'm 4 days late, with this drug I was always very punctual, sometimes even early. 
Then I started to think, my boobs were more sore then usual, I'd been napping a lot & peeing like crazy! 
Silly me didn't have a pregnancy test around but I did have an ovulation one and after googling it the next morning I decided to see what it would say. Well it was positive. 
I got my husband to buy a pregnancy test before work, I'd take it the next morning. 

~The Test. 
Abe was very particular he wanted us to find out at the same time. 
So I took the test & placed it on the sink & we waited... Both looked... A very dark plus sign was all I saw, I WAS FINALLY PREGNANT!
We told all our family members within the next few days. I called the fertility clinic & they set up an appointment for an ultrasound - February 13th. 
I called CF clinic & got in touch with the dietitian & physiotherapist. 

~More pills. 
I right away ordered my favorite prenatal vitamins from iherb - New Chapter Organics Perfect Prenatal: Multi Vitamin, Herbs, Minerals. I also starting drinking a cup a day of mama's red raspberry brew, as I've hit my second trimester I'm taking 2 cups a day. Ordered vitamin B6 (100 mg daily) & ginger (1 capsule a day) to keep morning sickness away, my sisters have had horrible morning sickness during their pregnancies.
9 weeks old

I'm so very thankful that I've only thrown up once and if I don't let myself get too hungry I don't get nauseated either!

~Our little sweetheart. 
February 13th seemed to take forever to come but it finally did! We got to see our sweet baby move its little hands & I saw the heart pumping. The ultrasound machine didn't have sound & it was too early to hear the heartbeat anyways. 
Doctor Elliot confirmed what my apps had said, our due date is September 19th. He also referred me to the high risk pregnancy specialist I'll be seeing, that appointment is March 21st, 6 days before my 25th birthday!