Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lots of Changes - 2nd Trimester!!

14 weeks today! wahoo!!!!!! as of Monday I've only thrown up twice.

My CF clinic is 1 1/2 - 2 hrs away depending on traffic & road conditions. So is my high risk pregnancy doctor.

My first wish was to have a baby at home but midwives wouldn't touch me with a 10 foot pole. Huge disappointment there.

Second wish was to have the baby as close to home as possible. That meant getting baby doctor #2 close by. whether I get her or not depends on if she is comfortable with me & my CF and of course no complications come up.

Then there is my amazing family doctor who is also seeing me until I'm accepted by the local obstetrician.

So I was like "yay only 3 doctors" That all changed today, my high risk doc wants monthly pft's for my lungs & ultrasounds to monitor the baby's weight & health. So that adds CF clinic monthly instead of the once during the pregnancy as I was planning on.

What I am looking forward to is finding out the sex of our baby in about 4 weeks!!!!!!!

There was concerns about me having diabetes already because of my numbers but I sort of cheated on my blood glucose test... So hopefully that's what caused the high numbers! diabetes? NO THANKS!

We got to hear the little baby's heartbeat, so incredibly cool I will NEVER get sick of it. 130 bpm. So who knows maybe a boy??


John said...

Congrats!!!! So glad you are going to have a dream come true. Speaking from my own experience as a CFer there is nothing like having your OWN child in your arms. My blog details all about our pregnancy journey and the labor if you want to read it :)

I predict a baby boy based on that heartbeat. The myth was correct for our little girl:)

Best of luck and I cannot wait to read more of your journey!!!


Kaitlin M. W. said...

I was so happy to hear you'd been able to get pregnant. :D

I read this the other day, and your post made me think of it:

I dunno if you find it inspiring to read birth stories, but personally I've always been a bit afraid of birth, ever since I was little, and I find the stories help. But I guess you're probably used to hospitals by now. =P