Tuesday, December 13, 2016

New blog site

Come join me at Wordpress! The only page I'll be copying over is my supplement list. All this old content will stay and be available to read at anytime.

Christmas Surprise

As I take a break from binge watching Chelsea on Netflix I will try to sum up the last 3 months.

We decided to start trying for another baby when Colby turned 3 (Sep 28/16). October 18 (almost 3 weeks later) I decide to take a test after Abe jokingly said "you're pregnant" when crying randomly during an episode of "the ranch" (also on Netflix). I haven't cried much since being pregnant with Colby so that was definitely out of the norm.

Since Colby took almost 2 years plus fertility drugs to conceive I really didn't think I was going to be pregnant month 1 of trying, my period was due later that week so I was just trying to prove my husband wrong (something that I do love to do). My guess was that my random hormone mess was due to my upcoming period.

Well I got a pretty quick positive. It was faint but there and I was in shock. I had a Tupperware party to go to with my mother in law and sister in law and I had to keep my secret since I wanted to tell Abe first.

Telling Abe was a mess lol I wanted to video him reacting to a letter with a picture of a skeleton baby in a moms body X-ray (cute cartoon drawing thing), well Abe caught on to me videoing and basically was like "what are you pregnant?" And I just said yes. Now we were both in shock.

That weekend we told family and the next weekend close friends. With the goal of waiting to go public at Christmas. Well we announced 2 weeks early and it was fun!

My pregnancy started out very different then the last one, my first symptoms before I even tested were bloating & gas. At 4 weeks I looked 3 months. Nausea came at 9 weeks and I threw up one time so far (12 weeks this coming Saturday). Exhaustion and fatigue almost daily, Colby and I will sit on the couch most of the day, he's very excited for his baby buddy and has been pretty great about all the changes in mom.

December 15 we get to hear the heartbeat. I've been feeling flutters too.

If things all go well (no twins, my cf stays stable, healthy baby) my plans are to be monitored locally and delivery at home again. This time it won't be a surprise to anyone. My amazing family doctor is doing my prenatal care, understanding that's all I want from her.

For the second trimester I'm looking forward to more energy, finding out the sex and hopefully losing the nausea.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

The one with a little too much information

WARNING: TMI about poop. 

Yes, this entire post is about poop. 

Good news: little to no stomach pain for months. 
Bad news: hard, huge poop. Toilet plugging, painful and at times bloody poop. 

After weeks of pain and scared something was seriously wrong I decide to try Welch's prune nectar, I had used it right after I had Colby to prevent more pain due to the tear. It had worked well. 

After one drink yesterday (1/2 cup) of this miracle juice I had a pain free bm.  YES!! I couldn't believe it. Yay me and now yay you if this is also your issue. Cheers!