Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Details of my first adult CF appoinment

First thing on my list is to go see the Physio Therapist. I arrive 20 min. early because I gave myself extra time just in case I couldn't find it. We talk about how CF has affected my lungs and he's very impressed with my physical fitness level.

Then I head to eat lunch. My Physio app. was at 11 am. and my next one is at 1:15 pm. so I have sometime to eat lunch. I didn't have any cash so my debit was the only thing I could use, and the Tim Hortons booth thingy only took cash, so I ended up eating a piece of each Pepperoni and Hawaiian Pizza.

Then I headed to the clinic and right away was sent for PFT's which went really well. Then to get an X-Ray which looked awesome! and then I saw the nurse, nutritionalist and then finally the doctor. Everything was awesome!

My next app. is set for 6 months from now. sweet eh?


Chantelle said...

thanks for writing up your story...

Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed with your updates. Please, don't ever stop. If anything, I want you to know that this is not only therapeautic for you but also for me and soon to be so for at least ten other folks. You're such an inspiration and please, let your family know so as well. I am a friend of a couple who just had their one year old son diagnosed with CF.

CFchampion said...

Thank-you so much for that comment, I've was wondering if this blog had any use but now I know!


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