Sunday, December 09, 2012

CF Challenge

Q. Your definition of CF
A. A genetic disease that mainly affects the lungs & digestive system.

Q. When were you diagnosed (how old)?
A. 3 weeks old, I had pneumonia and wasn't gaining weight.

Q. Earliest memory of CF?
A. Drinking pediasure bottles (yuck!) & painful tummy aches

Q. Any siblings with CF?
A. 2 younger sisters

Q. Close to anyone with CF?
A. Duh my sisters! Lol and lots of friends on fb.

Q. Favorite thing to do during treatments?
A. Read

Q. Worst part of having CF?
A. Short life expectancy. Pain.

Q. Any perks of having CF?
A. The CF community, easy access to drugs & docs (lol) & appreciation for life.

Q. When do you usually tell new people you have CF? How?
A. :( it's a slow process... I tell different parts along with getting to know them better... The topic usually comes up when I take my gazillion pills when I eat. The how is different with everyone.

Q. Do you have a favorite quote/song pertaining to CF/living with CF?
A. Fix you - Coldplay
Creep - Radiohead
I hope you dance - Martina McBride
Breathe - Anna Nalick

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