Thursday, November 14, 2013

CF clinic with Colby

We had an early start. Had Colby fed and everything ready for a day in the city at 9:30 am. he slept all the way there (1.5 hrs), then continued to sleep while I shopped at Value Village. It worked perfectly because I got to feed him in the changing room (only place I could sit), he pooped through his sleeper while he ate so that made things more interesting :)

We got to the hospital just on time, my PFT's were first so my sister Kate and my Dad took baby sitting duty while I huffed and puffed and panted and held my breathe... over and over, turns out the machine wasn't working right, ended doing the panting test like 6 times! my lung function dropped to 71, it was 82 before pregnancy and 96 during pregnancy. my nursing bra is super tight so the pft guy thought that was why because my lungs feel great, the doctor listened and said everything looked clear.

Besides feeding Colby after PFT's either my dad or sisters (Aline & Kate who also had clinic) were holding him. My doctor even held him and put him back to sleep :)

I asked for an immunity blood test, I'm curious to see what I'm all naturally immune to without any vaccinations/shots.

I was 105.5 lbs at clinic, the dietitian wasn't there so she's going to call me and see if I can also start supplementing some high calorie drinks.

So with the drop in PFTs and weight they want to see me again in 3 months instead of 6 :(

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The Halls said...

I love reading your blog and it give me hope to someday have a child of my own and be healthy with CF. Good job on working so hard and sharing your story.

p.s you know you have CF when you're in love with sharing your weight because it's an accomplishment & not something we are worried about and the .5 is always very important.