Thursday, October 24, 2013

Colby pics, weight issues and breastfeeding

breastfeeding Colby
Click HERE to see pictures of Colby from birth until fb doesn't let me add any more :)

by far the hardest part of the whole pregnancy/birth/after birth has been my weight issues because of CF/breastfeeding and breastfeeding itself.

They weighed me in the hospital (day 2) I was 110 lbs. not bad after starting the pregnancy at 115 lbs and only being 124 lbs a couple days before birth. the scary part was weighing myself a few days later and being 106 lbs. then after getting sick from a clogged nipple pore (and subsequent inflamed/infected milk duct) I was down to 100 lbs. all in 2 weeks! to say I was worried is an understatement! my husband, parents and I had a quick brainstorm on how to add extra calories to my diet, to make sure I could continue to breastfeed and not lose weight.

My clogged nipple pore happened around day 3 or 4 but I didn't know it was that until middle of week 2. I had told the health nurse about the pain on my one side and she attributed it to milk let down. well it wasn't. and it only got worse until I got super sick. My sister came to the rescue with heating pads, cabbage, colostrum supplement, and lots of information about what helped her when she was breastfeeding. this whole time my mom had also been with me mon-thu while Abe worked and is truly a life saver!

week 3 has been the best so far since Colby was born, I'm feeling a lot more like myself and my energy is returning. I still feel weak if I do too much, my weight is around 105 lbs mid day (so after I have some food in me). I'm hoping to get it back to 110 lbs by CF clinic in mid November.
3 week 3 days

My extra calories plan:
Hemp protein powder drinks (100 cal per drink, 12 g protein, fibre & iron)
Prune Juice (extra cal and vit C to help with iron absorption)
3 big meals a day
Vemma BODE shakes

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Beth said...

I know you like to be very natural, but if you're still struggling to put on some weight I would suggest Nestles Benecalorie. They're on the expensive side at about $1-3 per pack, but they work wonders! Plus they don't have all that added extra sugar and gunk like most weight supplements do.

It mixes well into any liquid. I've even put it in juice and it made a yogurt drink type consistency.

I wish you the best of luck trying to pack on those pounds. I know from experience it is so much harder to do than to say! Keep at it! =)

And your boy is seriously too cute!!