Tuesday, March 01, 2011

CF movie review: Jack & Jill vs. The World

I started watching this movie with very little expectations. I've seen what Mercy & Grey's did with CF and I was not impressed, ya it helps raise awareness but seriously, they could have done a far better job IF THEY TRIED!

So... I was watching the movie... I started relating to Jill, her independence, her reluctance to share with new people about CF, I've been asked some of the questions they asked on there SO MANY TIMES! The struggle of telling the man you love your sick - been there, done that! I have to admit, my guy reacted WAY better, although at that time I might have left out the fatal part, he neglected to ask.  After I got out of the hospital from a severe CF arthritis attack, months after we've been dating I broke down and told him EVERYTHING. He was awesome then too! :)

Anyways back to the movie! The one thing I had a problem with was her spending time in the hospital with another CF patient, IN THE SAME ROOM! but that is a minor compared to all the things they did right with the story, which was: the seriousness of the disease, the invisibility of CF (we don't look like we're sick), the coughing spells when we laugh really hard, the bunch of pills we have around, the amount of food we eat, the random hospital stays when we need a "tune up", the fighter spirit in all of us and the complete annoyance of people who don't take their health and lives seriously!

I would really love the people in my life to watch this movie, because I believe it will help them understand what my sisters (Aline & Kate) and I fight everyday.

P.S. Freddy Prince Jr. isn't bad to watch either, hehe.

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