Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Marriage life is awesome! I have a husband to do therapy on me :) lol

I'm just now having time to update websites, blogs, facebook, twitter... changing my name is a work in progress... who knew?

had surprise blood work at my last clinic which was April 8th. Still haven't found out the results but I'm guessing their good because otherwise I think I would have received a call! I'm still going to find out the results of the vit D levels (last blood test was over a year ago and they had changed the vit D required levels, it was very low). I take a "real food" vitamin and mineral supplement so I cant wait to see what the test results were like!

FEV1 was 97%! my sisters both beat me, Aline had 99% and Kate had 103%. we all have Delta F508 mutation so this is quite a miracle and blessing from God!

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