Monday, February 01, 2010

Busy as a bee!

With the wedding in May, starting a new job (or two), marriage counseling, maybe buying a house... so many changes and everything is happening at once!

after months of looking for a job I finally got one! I love it and if I can I will get another, the one I have right now is 15 hrs a week so I think another part time job wont hurt.

my health has been doing super great through this very extremely cold winter after adding garlic pills to my regular supplementation.

my book is still in progress and might be paused for a big because these next few months promise to keep me on my toes at all times!

I've officially changed my website from to

I have also changed my poetry website to a blog -


Aline said...

Amen to the Garlic!! I'm going on 6 months of no antibiotics because of garlic :) LOVE IT!!

CFchampion said...

when it comes to garlic vs antibiotics for preventative care GARLIC WINS!!!!!!