Monday, February 20, 2006


Well my health is doing great even though the doctors want me to go on Tobi and I said “NO!” hello? If I’m healthy why would I want to bring down my immune system with drugs? I’ve never felt this good before, my next CF clinic is in April, I can’t wait to see how good my lung function is then.

I updated my CF website! take a look and enjoy!
TTFN (Ta Ta For Now)


Peter said...

HI there, I just read your blog a little. Good to hear you are doing very well.
It is very interesting to read your info about Glyconutrients. I never ever heard about that. Maybe this info did not reach Europe yet as I am from The Netherlands.

Well I going to read a lot more about this, and maybe try to get it for myself and tell my experiances to my own CF-specialists.

If I have any question I may want to mail you if that is okay with you ofcourse.

For now best regards,
The Netherlands.

CFchampion said...


I would love to be in contact with you, my email address is I do know glyconutrients are available in the UK and Denmark (soon Germany). Please feel free to email me with questions or anything.

As for implications of Glyconutrients with CF an article was writen by an MD, you can find the link to it on my front page of my website about life with CF

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Peter said...

Thanks for your kinds words and the inventation to contact you.

I send links and additional information to my dietist specialist. Hopefully soon I will get some feedback from her about Glyconutrients in The Netherlands.

Before I want to get into this I need to know if its officially labeled as supplement for CF. Otherwhise my inssurence will not cover it and the cost will go crazy here. :)

Take Care!