Monday, January 09, 2006

Awesome Christmas and CF song!

Christmas was awesome! I got a Tamagotchi and toe socks!

My health was great, this is now the third Christmas in a row without pneumonia, all thanks to glycos!

I’m part of this yahoo group called “teens with CF” it’s great. One our members (Cindy) wrote a song called “My Classroom” here are the lyrics: (it’s an awesome song!)

My Classroom

(by Cynthia Ray)

Days go by,
I don't know if you see
The way that I'm struggling just to breathe
Simple things that may seem easy
To me, these are triumphs to achieve


But there are so many lessons I've learned
I don't know how I'd know,
And there are miracles I wouldn't recognize
any other way
Any other way

Twilight falls
Dreams get farther away
Mem'ries of summer turn to grey
Darkness steals my strength and
Passion for life starts to fade


Can you tell what I'm going through?
Do your eyes see what mine do?
There may be pain, but there's glory too
Do your eyes see what mine do
What mine do


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Rose Warrior said...

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Good luck with your health. Hopefully my website will help you as well.