Friday, July 26, 2013

Cinnamon for GD - 32 weeks!

His little foot.
Yesterday was my appointment day in the City:
9:30 - Ultrasound
10:20 - High risk OB
1:00 - Endocrinologist

The ultrasound went great, our little boy's head is down already and weighing a perfect amount of 3 lbs. 9 oz. (40th percentile). I'm on the other hand not gaining at all, the doctor is just happy I'm not loosing weight. So right now I'm still 120 lbs.

He got an 8/8 reading on the ultrasound and the amniotic fluid was perfect too (4.?).

My blood pressure is still in the low spectrum of normal.

I get to wait another 3 weeks before going back! I was not expecting this but it makes me very happy, the less trips the better!

My blood sugar levels have been great, a big thanks to CINNAMON! I take a cinnamon pill before I eat and it REALLY helps keep them in good ranges, meaning I can eat more and have more options.

I've also starting drinking baking soda water when I swallow pills, its a great way to remember to drink it, helps keep away heart burn and my body alkaline.

Last night I went to bed with a sore throat and all night it kept me up, the only thing that somewhat helped was apple cider vinegar sprayed on the back of my throat and sucking a fisherman's friends to stop from coughing and irritating my throat even more. So we I got up this morning I made sure to add some crushed garlic and honey to my pill routine, drink some ionic silver (going to gargle with it too), extra vitamin C, hot tea and rest. As of 6:32 my throat is feeling a lot better, hope it continues healing this fast and tonight is better! 

32 Weeks

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