Monday, June 08, 2009

to whom it may concern:

a little something I wrote to the corrupt medical system we have to endure:

They tell me to shut up
They say it’s illegal
To share my story
To tell the truth.

They poison the sick,
Kill the innocent
All for the money
And ulterior motives.

My experience baffles their theories
Threatens their way of life,
But it doesn’t change the way they think
It doesn’t change the way they act.

So ignore the needless pain you cause everyday
And keep killing the ones you have sworn to not harm,
So supplements can’t CURE and drugs can?
Then why doesn’t it work out just like you planned.

Water for dehydration
Vitamin C for scurvy
So arrest me for what I just wrote
Because it’s illegal, right?

It’s still the truth
And no matter what you do
For the people who think for themselves
Your plans will fail
I find it fitting that this will be the first thing I put on my new website

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