Saturday, February 28, 2009

Almost One Year

So... long time no update.

I still work at Timmies, it's an awesome job and I really enjoy it. Thank-goodness I'm not supervising anymore. I think I'm too nice for that, lol. I work part time nights an evenings which works out great because I don't have to work more then 4 days in a row. Ten days in a row is just too much.

My polyps are not bothering me but they are there, I'm hoping they don't get worse.

This last October was my 3 year anniversary of no hospitalizations!!!

I'm working on putting up a website which has all my poems and lyrics... maybe a couple extras as well :) it's time I shared that part of me with the world.

On the 17th of March I will have been going out with my boyfriend for 6 months! It's been an awesome 6 months. He is so supportive and caring about my CF and all the pills I take, lol.

My car "Clifford" has been a pro this winter... it's been really cold and he's given me no problems :) he's such a good little car.

I promise the next update will be sooner then a year from now :)

Till then, God bless.

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