Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ticks and Tae Kwon Do test results!

Last Thursday I found a tick attached to me. Yesterday evening I found a quarter size rash where the tick had been. Today I got put on 3 weeks of antibiotics for Lyme Disease!!!!!!!!!!!

Funny thing is that I NEVER go outside during tick season, I guess that doesn't matter when your brother and sisters do and DON'T do tick checks before hanging out in the house and in my bedroom!

Last night at the "Friends of Cambodia" fundraiser we raised $700! Over $180 of that went to the Cambodian Orphanage. This was with 50 people attending. It was an awesome evening, more people should have been there to enjoy it! Aline and I also got the shock of our lives when our Tae Kwon Do teacher was talking and said "...Something the girls don't even know is that they are RED BELTS..."!!!!!!!

Not only did we pass our Red Stripe test but we advanced to our Red Belts! OMW!!!!!!!! So yeah, good and bad things happening this week!

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