Thursday, September 19, 2013

We made it to the due date

My 39 week appointment went great last week. I may have offended the endocrinologist when I was so happy about not seeing her again (until my follow up in January). I seriously could not contain myself though!

At the ultrasound he weighed in at 6.7 lbs (25th percentile) and everyone was really happy! My ob gave me great news: no inducing until 10 days overdue. I gave her great news: no more then one appointment per week, with how long we have to travel it just won't work. 

My blood pressure was weird 128/90 but after 5 minutes of lying on my side it had started to go down. They said it could be my lack of sleep (1.5 hrs) and the fact my stomach (CF GI issues) was hurting. 
I weighed 125 lbs. exactly 10 lbs more then my pre-pregnancy weight. 

Skip forward 3 days (Sunday). I get my first taste of labor or preterm labor as some call it. Abe & I get super excited and it stops. *sad face* 


First we get our ultrasound. Baby is 7.12 lbs (over estimate most likely) - 40th percentile. 

This week I lost a pound and weigh 124. They don't say anything so neither do I! 
After taking my blood pressure (92/56) the nurse mentions that the ob will want to check me, I laugh and say she might want to but she won't because I'll say no. She looks shocked but says ok. Yay me. I'm not sure if she told my ob or my ob knows me better but she never asked!

Next appointment is in one week. 

**note to baby: please come before then, Love mom & dad. 

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